Runciman, Alexander (1736 - 1785)
'Oedipus'. Pencil, pen and ink. c.1770. Signed. Futher signed with initials and inscribed. Provenance: By descent to Walter Garrison Runciman, 3rd Viscount Runciman (1934-2020). 7x10 inches. Framed: 13x16 inches.

Having been told by an oracle that his son will murder him, Laius, King of Thebes, charges a shepherd with exposing the child on mount Cithaeron... Runciman trained with the Norie family in Edinburgh and his early works are landscapes. He travelled to Rome in 1767, and it was there he acquired his ambitions as a History painter. On his return he abandonded his intended classical subjects for the decorations he made at Penicuik, turning instead to Ossian.

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This work appears in the Exhibition: BRITISH WORKS ON PAPER 2024