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MARCH 2023


Issued 5pm 7th March


These watercolours were painted in the Herbarium of the Botanical Gardens in Mont Juic, Barcelona. Some of the work Dylan made there was acquired by the Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University. He went on to make drawings in the Herbarium of the The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

We held an exhibition of ‘PORTRAITS OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY‘ by Dylan Jonas Stone last year.
CLICK HERE to view the exhibition.

GWEN RAVERAT (1885-1957)

Wood-Engravings 1909-1928

until Saturday 15th April.


LIST 535


Issued 5pm 21st March

  • Ardizzone R.A., Edward (1900 – 1979)
    Wren’s at Portsmouth. Pen, brush and ink. 1942/43. Titled to the verso of an old mount. 7×6.25 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    Portrait of a Collector; a version of Stothard’s ‘Pilgrimage to Canterbury’ behind him. Pencil and watercolour. c.1840. 16×11.75 inches. Framed: 20.5×16.5 inches.
  • Thys, Gaston (1863 – 1893)
    Hercules and the Bull. Oil on canvas. Inscribed ‘St Cecil and dated 1882. Signed / dedicated: ‘Le Pentre au Musicien’ / ‘Thys à Deven’. 10×12 inches. Framed: 18×20 inches.
  • Bianchini Ferier (fl.1888-c.1995)
    Fabric Design. Gouache. 1930s. Provenance: The Bianchini Ferrier Archive Sale, 2001. 15.5×12.25 inches. Framed: 24.5×21.25 inches.
  • Burney, Edward Francis (1760 – 1848)
    A young woman writing. Pencil. Provenance: a sketchbook of drawings by Burney with the Covent Garden Gallery. 6×4 inches.
  • Cooper Jnr, Richard (1740 – 1822)
    Italy; Radicofani, Tuscany. Pen, ink and monochrome wash. c.1770. Inscribed. Ex. Collection: Paul Sandby (his stamp recto); Bill Drummond. 10.5×7 inches.
  • Bright, Henry (1814 – 1873)
    An Abbey Ruin by Moonlight. Chalk and gouache. Signed. 8.25×12.5 inches.
  • Dodd R.A., Francis (1874 – 1949)
    Italy; ‘Parma’. Drypoint. Signed. 1915. Inscribed ‘Parma / 42 imps in 1st State / Imp 2’. 8×10 inches.
  • Elwyn, John (1916 – 1997)
    Welsh Landscape. Oil on canvas. Signed. Signed verso. 16×20 inches. Framed: 20×24 inches.
  • Etty R.A., William (1787 – 1849)
    Figure Studies. Pen and ink. On a letter of invitation to ‘Mr William Etty’ for dinner on Christmas Day, 1837. 8.75×7 inches. Framed: 16×15 inches.
  • Girtin, Thomas (1775 – 1802)
    Kent; ‘A Sandpit, near Loggs Hill, Widmore’. Pencil and watercolour. 1798/99. Provenance: Sotheby’s 11th April 1991, lot 53. Literature: Greg Smith, ‘Thomas Girtin (1775-1802): An Online Catalogue, Archive and Introduction to the Artist’, Cat no. TG1422. 10.5×16.25 inches.
  • Griggs R.A. R.E., Frederick Landseer Maur (1876 – 1938)
    ‘St Botolph’s Bridge No.2’ (C56). Etching. First State. December 1936. Signed. Ex. Collection: Hilaire Belloc and by descent. 9.75×7.75 inches.
  • Halliwell, Albert Edward (1905 – 1987)
    ‘Rare Wines’; a Poster Design. Pencil and gouache. c.1930. Stamped ‘A. E. Halliwell’. Provenance: the Artist’s Estate. 26.5×17.5 inches.
  • Holloway, Edgar (1914 – 2008)
    Nude. Etching. Signed and editioned ‘Trial Proof (No.2)’. 8.75×5 inches.
  • Jonzen, Basil (1913 – 1967)
    Still Life. Gouache. Signed and dated, 1945. 18.5×13.4 inches. Framed: 21×16.5 inches.
  • Keene, Charles (1823 – 1891)
    ‘Ploughing the Main’. ‘British Farmer (who has suffered from the rolling): – “This Cap’n doesn’t understand his bis’ness, you know – why don’t he keep in the furrows!”.’ Pen and ink. Inscribed. Exhibited: Arts Council. Provenance: Cyril Bird CBE (Fougasse) (1887-1965); Major Tom Bird DSC MC (1918-2017). 5.5×7 inches.
  • Laporte, John (1761 – 1839)
    ‘A View on the Mersey, Lancashire’. Oil on canvas. Signed and indistinctly dated. Signed and titled to a label verso. 9.5×13 inches. Framed: 15.5×19.5 inches.
  • Malet, Guy Seymour (1900 – 1973)
    Austria; ‘Nonnberg, Salzburg’. Watercolour. Circa 1935. Inscribed. Studio Stamp. Provenance: Malet Studio Sale, Christies, c.1980. 19×12 inches.
  • Nicolle, Victor Jean (1754 – 1826)
    Italy; Tome, Santissimo Nome de Maria al Foro Traiano. ‘Vue dela rue de la Pataccia ( … ) des Coupoles de Notre Dame de Lorete / du nom Marie et de la Colonna Treyanne a Rome’ (sic). Pen, brush and ink. Indistinctly inscribed by the artist. Provenance: Album of drawings by Nicolle with A and H c.1978. 4×6 inches. Framed: 12.5×14 inches.
  • Owens, Ned (1918 – 1990)
    ‘Girl seated on Bed’. Oil on paper. c.1950. Signed. Inscribed verso. 8.5×8 inches. Framed: 19×17 inches.
  • P.N. (or W) (Nineteenth Century)
    Landscape study. Pencil and monochrome wash. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 2.5×4 inches.
  • Prout O.W.S., Samuel (1783 – 1852)
    Devon; ‘Plimstock’. Pencil. Inscribed. Exhibited: Spink. 12×17 inches. Framed: 19.75×24.25 inches.
  • Rice, Bernard (1900 – 1998)
    Bosnia; Travnik. Wood-cut. Signed, titled and editioned ’11/35′. 16×14.25 inches.
  • Rowlandson, Thomas (1756 – 1827)
    Fete Champetre. Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1797. Ex. Collection: L. G. Duke (D3717). 6.5×11 inches. Framed: 13.5×17.5 inches.
  • Redman, Henry (AKA Harry) Victor (1920 – 1994)
    Kent; pier buildings. Hand touched etching and aquatint. For the artist’s ‘Isle of Thanet’ series. Provenance: The artist’s Estate. 5×3 inches.
  • Rosoman R.A, Leonard (1913 – 2012)
    Crete; Studies at Knossos. Pen,. ink watercolour and gouache. Signed. 12×9.5 inches. Framed: 20×16.75 inches.
  • Rowe, Ernest Arthur (1863 – 1922)
    Herefordshire; Ledbury, Peonies at Coddington. Pencil and watercolour. Signed. Inscribed verso. Exhibited: Christopher Wood. 12.5×9 inches. Framed: 20.5×16.5 inches.
  • Sandby R.A., Paul (1731 – 1809)
    Wales; ‘Pont Aber Glasllin’ (sic. Pont Aberglaslyn). Etching and aquatint. 1777. From Sandby’s third series of ‘Twelve Views in Wales’. 9.25×12.25 inches.
  • Shannon R.A., Charles Haslewood (1863 – 1937)
    ‘Caresses’ (R21). Lithograph. 1894. Edition of 55. Signed and dedicated ‘In Memory of Xmas Day 1907 – Kathleen CS’. Ex. Collection: Paul Delaney, author of ‘The Lithographs of Paul Shannon’. 8.5×6.25 inches.
  • Sergeant, Carolyn (born 1937)
    Dover Castle. Oil on card. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 6.5×11 inches. Framed: 11.5×16 inches.
  • Boys, Thomas Shotter (1803 – 1874)
    River Scene. Pencil and sepia wash. c.1830. Exhibited: Folio Society. 5×8.25 inches. Framed: 7×10.5 inches.
  • Sickert R.A. N.E.A.C., Walter Richard (1860 – 1942)
    ‘Church Time’. Chalk, pen and ink. Signed and inscribed. Exhibited: Agnews, ‘Centenary Exhibition of Etchings and Drawings by Sickert’, 1960, Cat No. 227. 12.25×10.25 inches. Framed: 20×17.5 inches.
  • Smith, John Rubens (1775 – 1849)
    New terraces on a harbour. Pencil. c.1800. Signed with initals. 10.5×28.25 inches. Framed: 18.75×36 inches.
  • Sozonov, Valerie (1899 – 1960)
    Switzerland; ‘Geneva’. Watercolour and gouache. Signed. Inscribed verso.
  • Temple, Vere Lucy (1898 – 1981)
    Tabby Cat. Pencil and crayon. Provenance: the Artist’s Estate Sale, Woolley and Wallis, 1/11/2000. 11×9 inches. Framed: 19×16.5 inches.
  • Swanwick R.I. R.O.I., Harold (1866 – 1928)
    Eventide. Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1893. Provenance: Christies 14/9/2000; to A and H. 5×6.5 inches. Framed: 12.75×13.5 inches.
  • Valette, Pierre Adolph (1876 – 1942)
    Still Life with Chrysanthemums and Grapes. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated, 1915. 20×27 inches. Framed: 27.5×35.5 inches.
  • Walters, Evan (1893 – 1951)
    Bathers. Pencil and watercolour. Signed. 10×14.25 inches.
  • Ward C.B.E., John (1917 – 2007)
    Italy; Venice, the Traghetto landing at Ca’ d’Oro from the Fish Market. Pencil and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1974. 6.5×9.5 inches.
  • Ward R.A., James (1769 – 1859)
    A lake or estuary. Pobably Wales. Pencil and monochrome wash. Exhibited: Andrew Wyld, ‘Drawings by James Ward (1769-1859): On the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Artist’s Death’, 2009, Cat No.40. 2.5×3.5 inches.
  • West P.R.A. (Attributed to), Benjamin (1738 – 1820)
    Military Figures. Pencil. Provenance: Stanhope Shelton; Major T Tavener (acquired from Stanhope Shelton 26th April 1982). 8×5.25 inches.
  • Whistler, Rex (1905 – 1944)
    Wrecks; a set design. Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed ‘Act 4 – 14’. 2.5×3.5 inches.
  • Zimmerman (Attributed to), Heinrich Wilhelm (1805 – 1841)
    A lady seated at her piano. Watercolour. Circa 1830. Provenance: Bonhams and Brooks, 24/1/2001. 10.75×8.5 inches. Framed: 19×16.25 inches.
  • Wood, Christopher (1901 – 1930)
    Seated Dancer, Paris. Pencil. Circa 1926. Provenance: Redfern Gallery. 23×18 inches. Framed: 25×20 inches.
  • Wood, John (1801 – 1870)
    A young woman reading. Pencil and sepia wash. 1830s. Provenance: an album of drawings by John Wood compiled in 1884 and with A and H in 1994. Acquired by us at Sotheby’s that year. 9.75×8 inches. Framed: 16.25×14 inches.

MATTHIJS MARIS (1839-1917)

The Hauge artist Matthijs Maris came to London in 1877. His Symbolist pictures were greatly admired here and he stayed for the rest of his life. These prints were pulled in 1919 before the plates were presented to the British Musuem and V&A.

  • Maris, Matthijs (1839 – 1917)
    ‘Bride’. Etching. c.1886/88. Signed in the plate. From the limited edition published by Goupil & Co. in 1919 before the plates were presented to the British Museum and V&A. 4.5×3 inches.
  • Maris, Matthijs (1839 – 1917)
    ‘Girl with Distaff’ / ‘The Lady of Shallot’. Etching. Etching. c.1886/88. From the limited edition published by Goupil & Co. in 1919 before the plates were presented to the British Museum and V&A. 6.25×4.5 inches.
  • Maris, Matthijs (1839 – 1917)
    ‘Romantic Landscape’ / ‘Landscape with goat’. Etching. c.1886/88. Signed in the plate. From the limited edition published by Goupil & Co. in 1919 before the plates were presented to the British Museum and V&A. 4.75×6.25 inches.
  • Maris, Matthijs (1839 – 1917)
    ‘The Enchanted Castle’. Etching. c.1886/88. From the limited edition published by Goupil & Co. in 1919 before the plates were presented to the British Museum and V&A. 4.5×6.25 inches.
  • Maris, Matthijs (1839 – 1917)
    Silvery Leaves. Drypoint. c.1886/88. After Alfred Douglas Peppercorn (1847-1926). 5.5×3.5 inches.

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