LIST 539

JULY 2023


Issued 5pm 4th July

STEPHEN BONE (1904-1958)

A Group of Oil Paintings
from the Artist’s Estate

Including views of London / Oxford / Durham / Pembrokeshire / Ireland / Stockholm / Scotland / France …


LIST 539

JULY 2023


Issued 5pm 18th July

  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    Studies of a Dog. Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed in German. 9.5×13 inches. Framed: 16.25×19.75 inches.
  • Allinson N.E.A.C., Adrian (1890 – 1959)
    France; ‘Villeneuve / Near Avignon’. Pencil and crayons. Signed and dated, February 1925. 12×17.75 inches. Framed: 25×20.25 inches.
  • ANON (Eighteenth-Century)
    Goddess. Chalks. c.1800. Exhibited: Christopher Powney. 4.25×4 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    The beach and shipping from a break in the cliffs. Watercolour. c.1810. 7.5×9.75 inches.
  • ANON (Twentieth-Century)
    Mirrored interior. Etching. c.1910-20. By a pupil of Sickert, or perhaps Gosse. 10.25×7.5 inches.
  • Badmin R.W.S. R.E., Stanley Roy (1906 – 1989)
    London; ‘Richmond Bridge’ (CB.24). Etching. 1931. Signed, inscribed and dedicated. 4.5×6.5 inches.
  • Bainbridge, Dame Beryl (1932 – 2010)
    ‘One Hell of an Afternoon in Charleston’. Oil on board. 1993. Signed and titled. Exhibited: Francis Kyle. 7×6 inches. Framed: 12.5×11.25 inches.
  • Barker, Kit (1916 – 1988)
    Abstract composition. Collage and gouache. Signed and dated, 1954. 18.75×14 inches. Framed: 28×22 inches.
  • Battersby, Martin (1914 – 1982)
    ‘Monsieur’. Oil on card. Exhibited: Arthur Jeffress (his label). Framed by K J Bredon, Brighton. 19×22 inches. Framed: 21.75×19.75 inches.
  • Bray, Phyllis (1911 – 1991)
    CUNARD SHIPPING LINE (GROUP): Three designs for formica table tops, commissioned by Cunard. Pegasus / Apollo and Clytie / A Unicorn. Pastels. c.1955. Studio sale stamped. 13×12.5 inches.
  • Brockhurst R.A. R.E., Gerald Leslie (1890 – 1978)
    ‘Elizabeth’, the artist’s wife Anaïs (W.32). Etching. 1922. Edition of 76. Signed. 5.5×4.25 inches.
  • Callow R.W.S., William (1812 – 1908)
    Italy; ‘Bologna’. Pencil. Inscribed and dated, ‘May 4th 1892’. 10×7 inches.
  • Cameron R.S.A. R.E., Sir David Young (1865 – 1945)
    ‘The Butterfly’ (R.215). Etching. 1895. From the ‘Italian Set’. Signed. 7.5×9 inches.
  • Craig C.H., Edward Gordon (1872 – 1966)
    ‘Cave Dweller’. Ink and watercolour. Signed, titled and dated, 1901. 6.25×4 inches.
  • Crotch, Dr William (1775 – 1847)
    Yorkshire; Ripon Cathedral from the River Skell. Pen, ink and watercolour. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 3.5×5.5 inches.
  • Dayes (Attributed to), Edward (1763 – 1804)
    London; Carlton House, Pall Mall. Pen, ink and watercolour. c.1790. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 2.5×5 inches.
  • De Wint O.W.S., Peter (1784 – 1849)
    A (Lincoln?) Gateway. Pencil and watercolour. Provenance: the artist’s wife; to her daughter Mrs Tatlock; to her daughter, Miss Tatlock; to her (lifelong companion, Miss Bostock; from whom acquired by Geoffrey Harmsworth; presented to J. H. Holman Sutcliffe in 1939. Exhibited: Lowell Libson. 7.5×9.25 inches. Framed: 15.5×14.5 inches.
  • Duff R.I. R.E. P.S., John Robert Keitley (1862 – 1938)
    ‘The Kipper Factory’. Aquatint. 1906. Signed. 5×8 inches.
  • Francia, Francois Louis Thomas (1772 – 1839)
    A fisherman and his hide-out. Pen, ink and watercolour. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 3.5×3 inches.
  • Fraser, Claud Lovat (1890 – 1921)
    ‘Doux Propos de Guerre’ / ‘Sweet Words of War’. ‘Mon Vieux fucanor, si j’avais su que tu ne pouvais pas lire, je ne t’aurais pas choisi comme aide-de-campe’ (My old fucanor, if I had known that you could not read, I would not have chosen you as aide-de-camp). Pen, ink and watercolour. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1917. 14.5×8.75 inches.
  • Gabain, Ethel (1883 – 1950)
    ‘Amoretti’. Drypoint. c.1925. Edition not recorded. Signed. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 9×9.5 inches.
  • Green (of Ambleside), William (1760 – 1823)
    Lake District; Grasmere. Watercolour. c.1810. 8.5×12.25 inches.
  • Gross C.B.E. R.A., Anthony (1905 – 1984)
    ‘Pierrette, or Ennui’ (H7303). Etching. Second state. 1970. Signed, inscribed and editioned, 6/70. Intended to illustrate ‘The Very Rich Hours of Le Boulve’ 
 10×13.5 inches.
  • Hambling C.B.E., Maggi (born 1945)
    ‘Summer Sea, Diving Cormorant’. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated, 2008. 12×16 inches. Framed: 14.5×18.5 inches.
  • Hardie R.E., Martin (1875 – 1952)
    France; ‘St Malo’. Drypoint. 1927. Signed and inscribed ‘Trial Proof 1’. 8.25×12 inches.
  • Haydon, Benjamin Robert (1786 – 1846)
    ROMANTIC; Portrait of Nathaniel Howard (c.1780-1832) Plymouth friend of Haydon’s who was a Poet (‘Bickleigh Vale with other poems’, 1804), Translator (Dante’s Inferno, 1807), Teacher and writer of language text books (‘A Vocabulary English and Greek’, 1808; ‘Introductory Latin Exercises’, 1814). Oil on canvas. Signed and dated 1807 verso. Provenance: John Arscott Lethbridge (1787-1854), Secretary of Greenwich Hospital, by whom acquired directly from the artist; his son William Popham Lethbridge (1822-c.1890), Clerk at Greenwich Hospital; […] George Lambert MP (1866-1958) and thence by descent. 20×17 inches. Framed: 24.5×21.5 inches.
  • Hearne, Thomas (1744 – 1817)
    A party being welcomed ashore at a newly built Colony town. Possibly related to Hearne’s work for Sir Ralph Payne on the Leeward Islands. Pencil, pen, ink and monochrome wash. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 3×5.5 inches.
  • Hills O.W.S., Robert (1769 – 1844)
    A sheet of figure studies. Pencil and watercolour. c.1820. Exhibited: Albany Gallery. 11×8.5 inches.
  • Hiremy-Hirschl, Adolf (1860 – 1933)
    An interior view. Watercolour and gouache. Acquired by the previous owner from an exhibition of Hiremy-Hirschl’s work in 1984. 9.75×6.75 inches.
    The Mughal, Emperor Muhammad Shah (1702-1748) Pen and ink, gouache and gold paint on paper laid on text. Circa 1800. 6×5 inches.
  • Lack R.E., Henry Martyn (1909 – 1979)
    East Sussex; Hastings, A Band Playing on the Beach / A Band Playing on the Promenade. Etching. Proof. 10.5×8 inches. Framed: 13.5×10.5 inches.
  • Legros, Alphonse (1837 – 1911)
    Medal with the head of G F Watts (1817-1904). Metal alloy. c.1895-1900. Signed with initials. 3.5×3.5 inches.
  • Maitland, Paul (1863 – 1909)
    London; ‘Kensington Gardens, Cloudy Day’. Oil on panel. Signed. Exhibited: Leicester Galleries, ‘Exhibition of Works by Paul Maitland’, November 1962, No.37 (bought by ‘Mrs R. Pinto’). 4.25×7.75 inches.
  • McBey, James (1883 – 1959)
    ‘April in Kent’ (Sandwich). Etching. 1912. Signed and numbered ‘XX’. Signed and titled in the plate ‘Sandwich / Good Friday 1912’. 6×11.25 inches.
  • Monro, Dr Thomas (1759 – 1833)
    River bank; a capriccio. Charcoal, stump and monochrome wash. c.1800. 5.75×8.5 inches.
  • Muncaster P.S.M.A. R.W.S., Claude (1903 – 1974)
    A four masted trading clipper. Pen, brush, ink and watercolour. Circa 1930. Signed. 10.25×14.75 inches.
  • Nicholson, Sir William (1872 – 1949)
    ‘Snowscape’. Pencil study drawn on reverse of a photogravure. Inscribed. Accompanied by a note ‘For God’s sake / return this / William Nicholson / 11 Apple Tree Yard / St James’/S.W.’. 6.5×8 inches.
  • Payne, William (1760 – 1830)
    A town sitting at the mouth of an estuary; surely identifiable! Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1812. Provenance: A group of watercolours and drawings by Payne with Bonhams, 9th March 2004. 5.25×8.25 inches. Framed: 12.75×15.25 inches.
  • Piper C.H., John (1903 – 1992)
    ‘Brunswick Terrace’. Etching and aquatint for ‘Brighton Aquatints’, one of 200 impressions. 8.25×10.75 inches. Framed: 17×19.25 inches.
  • Prout O.W.S., Samuel (1783 – 1852)
    Interior of a Gothic church with worshippers, tomb and effigy, Pen, ink, watercolour and gouache. Signed. 14×9.75 inches. Framed: 22.5×17.5 inches.
  • Reed R.W.A., William Dennis (1917 – 1979)
    ‘A Museum of Arts / For a Community Centre in South Ken / Designed by D. W. Reed, Painting School, 1939’: North, South, East and West elevations. Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed by the artist. Provenance: D. W. Reed Studio Sale. 27×19.5 inches.
  • Rowlandson, Thomas (1756 – 1827)
    A riverside picnic. Pen ink and watercolour. c.1810. 5.75×9 inches.
  • Rowlett, George (born 1941)
    Kent; ‘Fairfield Church, late afternoon August from […]’. Oil on board. 2003. Signed and titled, verso. Exhibited: Art Space Gallery. 8.25×12.25 inches. Framed: 12.25×16.5 inches.
  • Sergeant, John (1937 – 2010)
    Still life in a green glazed jug. Oil on card. Signed and dated, 1978. 15.5×12.5 inches. Framed: 11.25×8.5 inches.
  • Shackleton N.E.A.C., William (1872 – 1933)
    Carving the War Memorial: the stone-yard at Putney Bridge. Oil and gouache on card. Signed and dated, 1923. Inscribed by the artist verso. 10×8.75 inches. Framed: 18×16 inches.
  • Spencer R.A., Gilbert (1892 – 1979)
    ‘W. R. Hornby, 1st XI soccer, Oundle’. Pencil. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1960. 13×10 inches. Framed: 20×16 inches.
  • Strang R.A. R.E., William (1859 – 1921)
    Study of Will Hodson. Silverpoint. Circa 1900. Signed. Ex.Collection: Laurence Hodson (1864-1933), and by descent. 9.25×9.25 inches. Framed: 9.25×9.25 inches.
  • Whishaw R.A., Anthony (born 1930)
    ‘Woman with pink shoes’. Etching with watercolour. Signed, dated 93/94 and inscribed ‘Unique Variant’. 7×12 inches. Framed: 13×17 inches.
  • Wilson, Scottie (1888 – 1972)
    Blue Foul. Pen, ink and watercolour. Provenance: Bought directly from the artist by Tina Carlile and Pearl King. 9.25×6.25 inches.


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