LIST 518



Nos. 1-50, issued 5pm Tuesday 7th September

LIST 518


Issued 5pm Tuesday 21st September

  • ANON (Seventeenth-Century)
    View of a Dutch town from the river. Pen and ink. Provenance: Album of drawings by Samuel Ward of Great Yarmouth (1710-1778). 2.25×5.5 inches. Framed: 12.5×10 inches.
  • Field, Elizabeth (born 1902)
    A crop field in early Spring. Lincout. Signed. Editioned 8/50. 9.5×16.5 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    London; the ‘Elephant and Castle’. Pencil and monochrome wash. Exhibited: St Helier Galleries (as Anthony Devis). 3×4.74 inches. Framed: 13×14.5 inches.
  • Armour, George Denholm (1864 – 1949)
    Race Day; the Walking Ring. Pen and ink. 1920s. Signed. 7×10.75 inches.
  • Barry R.A. (After), James (1741 – 1806)
    ‘Shakespeare / King Lear / Act V, Scene III’; Lear mourning Cordelia. Engraving after Barry’s 1786-88 painting for the Boydell Shakespeare Gallery (Tate Britain). The engraving by Francis Legat (1755-1809) and published by Boydell 1st August, 1792. 18.5×23.5 inches. Framed: 27×31.5 inches.
  • Austin R.A. R.E., Robert Sargent (1895 – 1973)
    ‘The Curtain’ (CD128). Engraving. 1939. Signed. Provenance: Norman Tennant. 6.75×5.25 inches.
  • Battersby, Martin (1914 – 1982)
    ‘Small Green Sphinx;’ Gouache. Exhibited: Grosvenor Gallery. 5×7 inches. Framed: 7.5×9.5 inches.
  • Beaton, Sir Cecil (1904 – 1980)
    Head study; a self study? Pencil. Verso: head studies. Provenance: The Estate of Eileen Hose, Beaton’s secretary. 13.5×10.5 inches.
  • Becker, Harry (1865 – 1928)
    Suffolk; farm labourers. Pencil. 4.25×6.25 inches.
  • Brangwyn R.A. R.W.S., Frank (1867 – 1956)
    Italy; Genoa, St Peter’s of the Exchange (Gaunt 216). Etching. 1913. Edition of 150. Signed and dedicated to ‘T.S. Darbyshire’. 22.25×25.5 inches. Framed: 33×35 inches.
  • Bray, Phyllis (1911 – 1991)
    Apollo and Clytie, probably a design for circular formica top tables commissioned by the shipping line Cunard. Pastels. c.1955. Studio sale stamp verso. 11×12.25 inches.
  • Clark, Joseph (1834 – 1926)
    Goodbye after the Wedding. An oil sketch and its preliminary drawing. Provenance: A group of works by Clarke bought by A and H at Phillips in 1981. 9×13.25 inches. Framed: 17.75×21.25 inches.
  • Dunlop, Ronald Ossory (1894 – 1973)
    West Sussex; ‘Near Horsham’. Oil on canvas. Signed. Stretcher inscribed verso. 15.5×19 inches. Framed: 23×27 inches.
  • Daniell R.A., William (1769 – 1837)
    India; studies of fishing boats. Pencil and watercolour. Note spotting. 10×6.5 inches.
  • De Wint O.W.S., Peter (1784 – 1849)
    ‘Distant view of Salthouse, Norfolk’. Chalks. Indistinctly inscribed ‘Wiveton’? Exhibited: Fry Gallery. 6×14 inches.
  • Deshayes (Attributed to), Jean-Baptiste (1729 – 1765)
    Boreas and Erithyia. Pen, brush and ink. Possibly after/inspired by a painting by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre (1714-1789). Inscribed on the original mount ‘Dehais’. Exhibited: Colnaghi, as by Jean Baptiste Deshayes (1729-1765). 15.25×9.75 inches. Framed: 21×15.25 inches.
  • Eldridge R.W.S., Mildred (1909 – 1991)
    Wales; Stone walls and landscape. Watercolour. Pencil and watercolour. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 7.5×16.5 inches.
  • Erickson (AKA ‘Eric’), Carl (1891 – 1958)
    Fashion illustration. Brush, ink and gouache on grey paper. Circa 1935. Partial signature. Provenance: Brian Stonehouse MBE (1918-1998) 22×12.5 inches.
  • Flanders, Dennis (1915 – 1994)
    Oxford; New College. Pen, ink and watercolour. Signed. 12.75×18.25 inches.
  • Forain, Jean-Louis (1852 – 1931)
    ‘La Chambre de la Bonne’. Oil on canvas. Circa 1895. Exhibited: O’Hana Gallery. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity stamped, signed and dated, ‘Andre Schoeller, 24th June 1953’. 26×21.5 inches. Framed: 30×26 inches.
  • Flett, Alex Edward Campbell (born 1914)
    Finger in landscape. Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1954. Exhibited: R.S.A. 1955. 21×22 inches. Framed: 26×27.5 inches.
  • Hermes R.A., Gertrude (1901 – 1983)
    The Peat Cutters. Linocut printed in colours. Signed, dated, 1956 and editioned 37/50. 16.25×22.5 inches.
  • Grant P.R.A., Sir Francis (1803 – 1878)
    Portrait of a woman in a broad brimmed hat. Pen and ink. c.1840. Inscribed / signed verso. The sitter has previously been identified as ‘Lady Morton’, but is perhaps too young to be Frances Theodora Douglas (nee Rose) (1798-1879), Countess of Morton from 1827, and too old to be Alice Anne Caroline Douglas (nee Lambton) (1831-1907), Countess of Morton from 1858. 6.5×6.5 inches.
  • Hooge, Dagmar (1870 – 1930)
    Italy; Venice. Wood-cut. Signed and editioned ‘No.7’. 11.5×16.5 inches.
  • Hoyle, Walter (1922 – 2000)
    Oxford; ‘St Catherine’s College Entrance’. Etching and aquatint. Signed, titled and editioned, 72/75. 21.25×13.5 inches.
  • Jones R.E., Rosamund (born 1944)
    ‘Young Orange Cock’. Etching printed in colours. 1975. Signed, dated, titled and editioned 4/75. 10.5×16 inches.
  • Laboureur, Jean-Emile (1877 – 1943)
    France; Normandy, ‘La Promenade sur le Port’, Croisic. Engraving and etching. 1935. Edition of 235. Signed and inscribed. Printed for The Print Club, Cleveland, Ohio. 7.5×8 inches.
  • Leitch, William Leighton (1804 – 1883)
    Scotland; a Castle Capriccio? Watercolour. Exhibited: John Phillips, 1987. 3.75×6.25 inches. Framed: 12.5×14.5 inches.
  • MacTaggart P.R.A., Sir William (1903 – 1981)
    Coast or lakeland landscape. Pencil and watercolour. Studio stamp verso ‘W. McTaggart / Studio No.192’. Exhibited: Phipps and Co, 1988. 14.5×18 inches. Framed: 23×26 inches.
  • Mears R.G.A. B.E.F., Gunner F. J. (1890 – 1929)
    WWI; ‘A Jack Johnson Bursting in Distance …’. Brush, ink and monochrome wash. Inscribed verso: ‘A Jack Johnson Bursting in Distance / Tres Bon Souvenir pour Les Alemands / at Corbi[?] Firing a Salvo / a Salvo Get Ready / Salvo Fired Sir / 8 Guns Camouflaged’. 3.75×5.5 inches.
  • Middleditch R.A., Edward (1923 – 1987)
    ‘Seascape, Dorset’ / ‘Dorset Drawing (2)’. Charcoal. 1975. Exhibited: The New Art Centre; Arts Council, ‘Edward Middleditch’, 1987, Cat No.64. 21×26.5 inches. Framed: 26×31.5 inches.
  • Minton, John (1917 – 1957)
    ‘The Break in the Hedge’. Pen, brush and ink. Signed and dated, 1945. Provenance: Sir Michael Balcon; Norma McCaw. Exhibited: Roland, Browse and Delbanco; Michael Parkin, 1995. 10.5×14.5 inches. Framed: 17.5×23.5 inches.
  • Monro, Dr Thomas (1759 – 1833)
    Castle Ruins. Charcoal and wash. 4.5×7 inches. Framed: 13×15.25 inches.
  • Newbolt, Thomas (born 1951)
    ‘Head II’. Oil on canvas. 1986. Exhibited: Browse and Darby. 16.5×11.5 inches. Framed: 23.5×18 inches.
  • Pellew, Claughton (1890 – 1966)
    ‘Frau Brendel’. Etching. Signed, dated 1928 and editioned 4/25. 3.25×2.25 inches. Framed: 13×11 inches.
  • Rivers, Leopold (1852 – 1905)
    Heath landscape; believed to be Mousehold Heath near Norwich, Norfolk. Oil on paper laid on board. Original frame. 6×10 inches. Framed: 11.5×15.5 inches.
  • Rouault, Georges Henri (1871 – 1958)
    Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) Lithograph (Chapon-Rouault 316). Signed. 1926. Edition of 35. The portrait was published with lettering, and without the woman’s profile (lower left), in ‘Souvenirs Intimes’. The sheet blind stamped ‘Galerie des Peintres Graveurs’. 12×8.5 inches.
  • Rowe, Serena (born 1977)
    ‘Manet’s Table’. Oil on board. Signed. 2010. Signed, titled and dated, verso. Exhibited: Panter and Hall. 10×12 inches. Framed: 21×26 inches.
  • Samuelson, Peter (1912 – 1996)
    Tea. Pen and ink. 1950s. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 8×13 inches.
  • Sauter, Rudolph Helmut (1895 – 1977)
    ‘From my window’. Signed and dated, 1932. Artist’s labels verso. Provenance: the Artist’s Studio. Exhibited: Louise Kosman. 24×19 inches. Framed: 33.5×29.25 inches.
  • Solomon, Simeon (1840 – 1905)
    Future Thoughts. Brown chalk. Signed and dated, 1894. 13.5×20 inches. Framed: 22.5×28.5 inches.
  • Sickert N.E.A.C., Walter Richard (1860 – 1940)
    Mr Johnson (RB145). Etching. c.1911. Fourth state. Published by Carfax & Co., 1915. Signed and inscribed in the plate ‘Fare tutti mestieri svergognati per campar onoratamente’. Provenance: Enid Bagnold. Label verso inscribed ‘Given to me while I was working with him. Enid Bagnold’. In a 1915 letter to Ethel Sands, Sickert wrote that he considered ‘Le Bon Dodo’, ‘Quai Henri Quatre’ and ‘Mr Johnson’ ‘for what they are as perfect prints’ (Bromberg p.160). 5×3.25 inches.
  • Tomlin, Stephen (1901 – 1937)
    Duncan Grant (1885-1975) Bronze. Edition of 15. Cast in 2020/21 from the original bronze by Bronze Age London for Abbott and Holder JV. Stamped ‘AHJV’, editioned ‘…/15’, foundry stamped and hallmarked using the DACS Bronzechain hallmarking scheme. Price: £6000 (+vat). SALE PRICE: £4800 (+vat). 14.5×11.5xD9 inches.
  • Strang R.A. R.E., William (1859 – 1921)
    A Hodson child. Chalks. Circa 1900. Signed and dedicated to Laurence W Hodson, Strang’s Wolverhampton patron. 12.75×8.75 inches.
  • Waterlow R.A. P.R.W.S., Sir Ernest Albert (1850 – 1919)
    River Landscape. Charcoal. Signed and dated 1874. 23.5×37.5 inches. Framed: 33.5×48 inches.
  • Ward, Miss Greta (Mrs Archibald Sanderson from 1936) (Mid-Twentieth Century)
    ‘Kentish Landscape’. Oil on canvas. Signed. Two artist’s labels verso. One for a previous work titled ‘Parrog’ and giving Miss Greta Ward’s address at 54 Colne Road. A second used first for Archibald Sanderson (1901-1972), titled ‘Cottage at Enfield, Spring’, and giving his address also at 54 Colne Road. This label has been adapted, his Christian name deleted and the title changed to ‘Kentish Landscape’ for the current work. Greta Ward ward became Mrs Archibald Sanderson in 1936. A 1950s R.B.A. label verso also. 15.5×19.5 inches. Framed: 21.5×25.5 inches.
  • Wardle, Arthur (1860 – 1949)
    Lion. Chalks. Verso: a lioness. 11×15.5 inches. Framed: 15×19.5 inches.
  • Urishibara, Yoshijiro (1888 – 1953)
    Roses. Woodcut. Signed and editioned ‘No.2’. 12×8 inches.
  • Watt, Frances (1923 – 2009)
    Woman at a shop window. Oil on board. Signed. Exhibited: Sarah Colgrave. 8×5.25 inches. Framed: 11.75×9 inches.

Portrait of Duncan Grant

Stephen Tomlin (1901-1937)
Duncan Grant (1885-1975)
Bronze. Edition of 15. Cast in 2020/2021 by Bronze Age London for Abbott and Holder JV. Stamped ‘AHJV’ (Abbott and Holder JV), editioned ‘… /15’, foundry stamped and hallmarked using the DACS Bronzechain hallmarking scheme. 14.5 x 9 x11.5 inches. £7200 (£6000 +VAT) 15% of each sale – £900 – will be donated to the Charleston Trust

Cast from the original bronze of 1924, recently sold by Abbott and Holder Ltd to the Charleston Trust.



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