LIST 542



Issued 5pm 14th November

  • ANON (Eighteenth-Century)
    ‘A View of Richmond Green by Twylight’. Pen, ink and watercolour. 1770. Inscribed and dated to the verso of the original wash line mount. The verso of the watercolour addressed… ‘For / George Knapton Esq / att John Knapton Esq / Richmond Green’. Ex. Collection: George Knapton (1698-1778); […] Edward Croft-Murray (1907-1980). 7.25×6 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    PAIR; Italian Capricci. Pencil and watercolour. c.1840. 2.5×4 inches. Framed: 10×11 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    Ferns and foliage. Pencil and watercolour. c.1870. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 5×4.5 inches.
  • Bawden N.E.A.C. R.E., Richard (born 1936)
    ‘Winter Still Life’. Etching and aquatint. Artist’s Proof. Signed and titled. 20.25×16 inches.
  • Bratby R.A., John (1928 – 1992)
    ‘Summer Wind’. Oil on canvas. 1961. Signed. Exhibited: Zwemmer Gallery. 33.5×47.5 inches. Framed: 41.5×55.5 inches.
  • Buckland-Wright, John (1897 – 1954)
    ‘Bathers’. Wood-engraving. Signed, titled and dated, 1951. Edition of 30. Exhibited: Wolseley Fine Arts. 6.5×4.25 inches. Framed: 17×13 inches.
  • Burr, James (born 1926)
    ‘Three Flowers’. Etching and aquatint. Signed, dedicated and dated July 1962. 8×6 inches.
  • Cameron, Katherine (1874 – 1965)
    Scotland; ‘The Kingdom of Fife’. Etching. 1921. Signed and titled. 4×9 inches.
  • Burney, Edward Francis (1760 – 1848)
    Study for Laocoön and his Sons. Pen, ink and monochrome wash. c.1800. Related to the vignette by Burney of the same subject in the Brooklyn Museum. Provenance: Sabin Galleries. 7.5×4.75 inches.
  • Cliffe, Henry (1919 – 1983)
    Abstract composition. Pencil. c.1960. Provenance: a collection of sheets by Cliffe from the ’50s and ’60s, many signed. 6.5×8 inches. Framed: 11×12.5 inches.
  • Cotman R.I. R.O.I., Frederick George (1850 – 1920)
    ‘Sunset’. Oil on board. Signed and dated, 1914. Signed and titled to the artist’s label verso. 9.25×16 inches.
  • Cristall OWS, Joshua (1767 – 1847)
    A young woman sewing. Pencil, pen, ink and monochrome wash. c.1810. 7×5 inches.
  • Daintry, Adrian (1902 – 1988)
    ‘Elizabeth Arden’. Pen, ink and watercolour. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1956. 9.5×16.25 inches. Framed: 17.25×23 inches.
  • Devis, Anthony (1729 – 1816)
    Pastoral landscape. Pen, ink and wash. c.1810. Signed with initials. 5.5×8 inches.
  • Flint, Robert Purves (1883 – 1947)
    Italy; Venice, the Doge’s Palace. Charcoal and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1924. 9.25×14.5 inches.
  • Frost, George (1754 – 1821)
    Travellers on a lake side. Charcoal. c.1800. Ex. Collection: R. P. Morris. 8.5×6.5 inches.
  • Gertler, Mark (1891 – 1939)
    Life drawing. Pencil. c.1938. Provenance: Vivian Meynell (of Offord & Meynell) for whom the drawing was made. 10.5×5 inches. Framed: 17×10 inches.
  • Gault, Cameron (born 1964)
    ‘Portrait’; a study for ‘Pain and Love’. Charcoal, watercolour and gouache. 1991. Exhibited: Julian Hartnoll; Houldsworth Fine Art. 24.5×17.5 inches. Framed: 36×28.5 inches.
  • Gipin Family? (Eighteenth Century)
    A landscape capriccio. Pen, ink, monochrome wash and gouache. Previously attributed to Sawrey Gilpin R.A. (1733-1807). Ex. Collection: Arnold Fellows. 9×12 inches.
  • Graham, Fergus (1900 – 1968)
    ‘Serpentine No.3’. Watercolour. Signed with monogram. Signed and title to an artist’s label on the verso of the original frame. 9×16 inches.
  • Hearne, Thomas (1744 – 1817)
    Hertfordshire; ‘At St Hippolita’s / near Hitchin’. Pencil and watercolour. Signed. Inscribed verso. 5×7.5 inches.
  • Howarth, Albany (1872 – 1936)
    Venice; the Palazzo Dario. Etching. Signed, Signed and titled in the plate. 15.75×8.25 inches.
  • Hogarth, William (1697 – 1764)
    SET: ‘A Harlot’s Progress’ (Paulson 121-126). Engraving. 1732. 4th state with cross printed to the border. Very good late life-time or early Mrs Hogarth impressions on Auvergne Paper. Ex. Collection. Sir William Augustus Fraser Bart. Exhibited: Andrew Edmunds. Beautifully framed by the later Justin Skrebowski. 12.5×15.5 inches. Framed: 20.5×24.75 inches.
  • Holloway, Edgar (1914 – 2008)
    ‘Self Portrait No.6’. Etching. 1932. Printers proof to the 1993 edition. Signed, titled and dated. 9×6.5 inches.
  • Huet-Villiers (Traditionally Attributed to), Francois (1772 – 1813)
    Kent, Canterbury and the Cathedral. Pencil and watercolour. c.1810. Inscribed verso, ‘Canterbury Cathedral / from the Percy[?] Collection / Huet Villiers (Francois) 1772-1813 / Watercolour’. 11.75×16.5 inches.
  • John O.M. R.A., Augustus (1878 – 1961)
    ‘Self Portrait in an Oval’ (CD9). Etching. 1901/02 (published 1906). Signed. State III. Editioned 25/25 under the mount. 5×4 inches. Framed: 14×11.25 inches.
  • Hurry, Leslie (1908 – 1978)
    Wagner; Götterdämmerung, Scene II. Pen, ink and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1954. 18.5×23 inches.
  • Joyce, Peter (born 1964)
    Dorset; ‘Kimmeridge Cliffs’. Mixed media on card. 1990. Signed and dated verso. Signed, titled and dated to the old backboard. Exhibited: Anthony Hepworth. 18.25×15 inches. Framed: 24.5×21.5 inches.
  • Landseer R.A., Charles (1799 – 1879)
    Byron; ‘The Maid of Athens’ / ‘The Greek Girl’. Oil on board. 1845. Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1845, No.144. 10×8 inches. Framed: 15.5×13.5 inches.
  • McFadyen R.A., Jock (born 1950)
    ‘ECR’. Lithograph. Signed, inscribed and editioned, 37/50. From the suite ‘Five Etchings and Five Lithographs’, published 1991. 25×17.25 inches.
  • Linnell, John (1792 – 1882)
    Harvester. Chalks. Exhibited: Guy Peppiatt. 7.25×11 inches. Framed: 15.5×18.5 inches.
  • Menpes R.E. R.I., Mortimer (1855 – 1938)
    Elizabeth Robins (1862-1952); an illustrated letter from the artist to the great American actress. Pen, ink, pencil and watercolour. Postmarked 1902 and address to ‘Miss Elizabeth Robins / C/o Miss Hutchison / 46 Price’s Gate / S.W.’. 5×8 inches. Framed: 6.5×9.25 inches.
  • Nattes (c.1765-1839), Jean-Claude
    PAIR: Italy; Florence mills, ‘Ponte alle Grazie … presa della parte del mulino della Zecca’ and ‘Mulino sull arno presa della Casa Bruck’. Pencil, pen and ink. Both inscribed and dated, September 1820. 9×13.5 inches.
  • Payne, William (1760 – 1830)
    Orestone, near Plymouth. Watercolour. Signed with initials. 8.25×11.25 inches. Framed: 17×19.5 inches.
  • RC (Eighteenth-Century)
    ‘Mars’. Watercolour and gouache on card. Signed ‘RC’ and dated, ‘January 18, 1793 verso. Titled and numbered 3 verso, so presumably one of a series. 11.5×6.25 inches.
  • Nené / Mené (Nineteenth Century)
    Italy; Vesuvius from the Bay of Naples. Oil on panel. c.1870. Signed. 4×7.5 inches. Framed: 5.75×9.25 inches.
  • Rothchild, Judith (born 1950)
    ‘The Front Steps Overgrown’. Pastels. 1995. Exhibited: Francis Kyle. 25.5×19.25 inches. Framed: 33.5×27 inches.
  • Rushbury R.A. R.E., Sir Henry (1889 – 1968)
    Scotland; Ben Nevis & Fort William. Watercolour. Signed. 21×30 inches.
  • Sandby R.A., Paul (1731 – 1809)
    A Capriccio Landscape. Pencil and watercolour. Exhibited: Palser Gallery. 10×12 inches. Framed: 15.25×17 inches.
  • Sergeant, Carolyn (born 1937)
    May Oaks and Hedgerow. Oil on card. Signed and dated, 1990. Signed and dated, May 1990 verso. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 10×12 inches.
  • Slater (c.1780-1847), Josiah
    Portrait of a woman. Pencil and watercolour. c.1800. Signed with initial. Exhibited: Miles Wynn Cato. 10×8 inches. Framed: 14.25×12.25 inches.
  • Smith (Attributed to), John ‘Warwick’ (1749 – 1831)
    A Welsh Landscape. Watercolour. c.1790. 5.75×9 inches.
  • Strang R.A. R.E., William (1859 – 1921)
    ‘Forest Pool’ (WS.496). Etching and drypoint. 1908. Signed by the artist and by the printer, David Strang. 9.5×8 inches.
  • Suddaby, Rowland (1912 – 1978)
    A fisherman and his boat on shore, low skies. Watercolour and gouache. Signed. 15×22 inches. Framed: 28×21 inches.
  • Thornton, Valerie (1931 – 1991)
    France; ‘Village near Amboise’. Pencil, chalk, watercolour and gouache. Exhibited: The Minories, Colchester. 14.5×19.75 inches. Framed: 22×27 inches.
  • Tute R.E. S.W.E., George (born 1933)
    ‘Sunflower Field’. Wood-engraving. Signed, titled, dated and editioned 62/75. 16×12 inches. Framed: 27×22 inches.
  • Varley O.W.S., John (1778 – 1842)
    London; ‘View of London Bridge – Slanting Shadows thrown across it / Strong lights catching on the buildings. Sky Silver Grey / with warm Grey Clouds’. Pencil. Inscribed. Ex. Collection: Edward Croft-Murray. 3.5×7 inches.
  • Underwood, Leon (1890 – 1975)
    ‘Tree of Life’ / ‘This is a Fair World’. Wood-engraving. 1926. Proof. For James Branch Cabell, ‘Music from Behind the Moon’, Publ. John Day, New York, 1926. 6×4 inches. Framed: 14×11.25 inches.
  • Walcot R.E., William (1874 – 1943)
    ‘Changing London – Euston Road at St Pancras’ (EH-L178). Etching and aquatint. 1937. Signed. 6×10 inches.
  • Wright (Attributed to), Thomas (1773 – 1845)
    Yorkshire; ‘Near Wetherby’. Pencil and monochrome wash. Inscribed. Inscribed verso, ‘The Bridge at Wetherby / July 5th 1809’. 11×13 inches.



An Exhibition of Ingredients


LIST 542


Issued 5pm 28th November

We have Lists and Exhibitions planned well into Spring and early Summer 2024.
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Friday 1st – Friday 8th
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LIST 543

Will be composed of Groups of works released
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Ardizzone, Beerbohm, Bentley, Burra, Du Maurier, Ferrier, Henning, Kay, Sandby … and more.


LIST 544

5pm 16th January

Including … Aldridge, Blamey, Bright, Cameron, Crotch, Davis, Gaunt, Gere, Kramer, Ihlee, Lancaster, Legros, Morland, Munn, Payne, Piper, Pryde, Rowlandson, Sandby, Simpson, Sutherland, Tanner, Vaughan, Ward …

And followed by…

An Exhibition of




26th January – 3rd February
24 East 64th Street, New York
15th February – 9th March
30 Museum Street, London




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