LIST 527

JUNE 2022


Issued 5pm 7th June

  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    A traveller or wall-mender at the entrance to a field. Pen, ink and watercolour. Previously attributed to ‘Jonathan Fisher’. c.1800. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 4×5 inches.
  • Anderson C.B.E. R.A. R.E., Stanley (1884 – 1966)
    ‘Self Portrait’ (GA209). Engraving. 1933. Edition of 40. Signed. 7.75×6.25 inches. Framed: 15.75×13.75 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    Buckinghamshire; ‘Palladian Bridge Stowe’. Pencil and monochrome wash. Inscribed recto. Further inscribed and dated verso, ‘View of the Palladian Bridge from the ground near Browne’s Cascade / Stowe Oct 24th 1830’. Ex. Collection: Cornish Torbock. 13×16.75 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    The Stile. Watercolour. Ex. Collection: Cyril Fry. 4×5 inches.
  • Benois, Nadia (1896 – 1974)
    ‘Nature Morte’. Oil on canvas. 1953. Exhibited: Arthur Tooth and Sons (titled and dated to the original gallery label). 12×17.75 inches.
  • Austin R.A. R.E., Robert Sargent (1895 – 1973)
    Italy: ‘San Domenico, Perugia’ (CD58). Etching. 1925. Edition of 35. Signed, titled and dated in the plate. Provenance: the artist’s daughter Rachel c.1990. Prints from the editions remained in the artist’s collection unsigned until they were sold. 3.75×5.5 inches.
  • Beer, Richard (1928 – 2017)
    Italy; Venice, La Zitelle. Etching. Signed, titled and editioned ‘Artist’s Proof’. 23.5×17.75 inches.
  • Bell, Vanessa (1879 – 1961)
    Cover design for ‘Monday or Tuesday’ by Virginia Wolf (Hogarth Press, 1921). Woodcut. Printed from the original block (now in the Hogarth Press Archive, Reading University) at The Fleece Press and published by The Wood Lea Press, 1998. 7.5×5 inches.
  • ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
    Hollyhocks. Pen, ink, watercolour and white heightening. Indistinctly inscribed / signed and dated, 1853. Formerly attributed to James Holland and to George Bryant Campion. Ex. Collection: Cornish Torbock. 14.5×9.75 inches.
  • Bianchini Ferier (fl.1888-c.1995)
    Textile Design (1826). Watercolour. Provenance: Bianchini Ferrier Archive Sale, Christies, July 2001. 16×14.5 inches. Framed: 24×22 inches.
  • Brett A.R.A., John (1831 – 1902)
    Italy; Florence, ‘Nannie Mulock’. Pencil. Inscribed and dated ‘Palazzo Frescobaldi Feb 1863’. Further inscribed ‘Nannie Mulock’. Exhibited: J S Maas & Son (W11292). 9.5×6.75 inches. Framed: 16.75×13.5 inches.
  • Brangwyn R.A. R.W.S., Frank (1867 – 1956)
    ‘Les Usines’ (Factories), an illustration to Verhaeren’s ‘Villes Tentaculaires’ (Sprawling Cities). Brush, ink and chalk. c.1919. A preparatory study for one of Brangwyn’s prints for Verhaeren’s ‘Villes Tentaculaires’ (Sprawling Cities), 1919, p.87. 10×12.5 inches.
  • Chaplin, Charles (1907 – 1987)
    ‘Robin’ (JC75). Engraving. 1950. Signed, titled and editioned ’10/30′. 5×5 inches.
  • Carr, David (1915 – 1968)
    Mechanism. Watercolour from a sketchbook signed and inscribed ‘Mechanical’. c.1965. 7.5×11.5 inches.
  • Carrick, James Mulcaster (1833 – 1896)
    France; ‘Chateau de la Napoule, near Cannes, Var, France / Maritime Alps in the Distance / From a sketch on the spot’. Oil on board. Signed and dated, 1892. Signed, inscribed and dated verso. 8.5×11.5 inches. Framed: 13.25×16.25 inches.
  • Clarke Hall, Edna (1879 – 1979)
    Cathy; a study for Wuthering Heights. Pen, brush and ink. c.1925. Provenance: Denis Clarke Hall. 5.75×9 inches. Framed: 14×16.5 inches.
  • Cox O.W.S., David (1783 – 1859)
    Wiltshire; Deer in Draycot Park, near Chippenham. Watercolour. Signed. c.1830. Exhibited: Charles Nugent, by whom the location identified. 8.5×11.75 inches. Framed: 16×19 inches.
  • Hardie R.E., Martin (1875 – 1952)
    Cornwall; boat shed in ‘Penberth Cove’. Etching. 1907. Signed and dedicated ‘to H C Andrews’. Signed, titled and dated in the plate. 6×7.75 inches.
  • Dunstan R.A., Bernard (1920 – 2017)
    ‘Sunbather on Dunes’. Oil on board. Signed with initials. Titled verso. 10×9.75 inches. Framed: 17×16.5 inches.
  • Fitton R.E., Hedley (1857 – 1919)
    Italy; Florence, the Loggia dei Lanzi and Palazzo Vecchio. Etching. 1917. Signed. 21.5×14 inches.
  • Endres, Louis (1896 – 1989)
    Moroccan children. Red chalk. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1947. 9.5×14 inches. Framed: 17×14.5 inches.
  • Holmes, Kenneth (1902 – 1994)
    Italy; Subiaco, ‘The Village on the Hill’. Dry point etching. Signed. 10×11.5 inches.
  • Hennell, Thomas (1903 – 1945)
    ‘Ploughed Field – Distant Rain’. Watercolour. Exhibited: Fine Art Society, 1988, no.36. 11.75×18.5 inches. Framed: 20.5×26.5 inches.
  • Holloway, Edgar (1914 – 2008)
    Wales; Pembrokeshire, ‘St David’s’ Cathedral (RM211). Etching. 1973. Signed. Titled in the plate. Edition of 50. 3.5×4 inches. Framed: 9.5×10 inches.
  • MacLagan, Philip Douglas (1901 – 1972)
    ‘Autumn’. Oil on canvas. Signed with initials. Partial artist’s label verso titled ‘Autumn by the …’. 15.5×19.5 inches. Framed: 20×24.5 inches.
  • Messel, Oliver (1904 – 1978)
    Priestess; a costume design for the Royal Opera House production of The Magic Flute, 1947. Pencil, watercolour and gouache. 1947. Signed. Exhibited: Wright Hepburn. 13×8 inches.
  • Nash R.A., John (1893 – 1977)
    River Ford. Pencil and watercolour. Signed and inscribed. 9×11.5 inches.
  • Porter, Frederick (1883 – 1944)
    Self study in profile. Pencil. Studio stamped. 11.75×9.25 inches.
  • Nixon, John (1755 – 1818)
    ‘James Geary in the Cabin of Robert Stewart’s Boat the Aurora of Belfast Committing a Breach of Duty by falling asleep on his Post at the Kettle Haulyards. Tryd (sic) by the Crew in Douglas Bay and the man found Guilty and Sentenced to go without a chew of Tobcacco for 24 Hours’. Pen, ink and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1793. 9×5.5 inches.
  • Peter R.E., Robert Charles (1888 – 1980)
    Art Deco Figures. Mezzotint. Signed. 15.5×12.5 inches.
  • Nevinson, Christopher Richard Wynne (1889 – 1946)
    France; Paris, ‘Notre Dame des Quais de Paris’ (JB145). Etching. 1931. Edition of 75. Signed. 5.75×7.5 inches.
  • Piper C.H., John (1903 – 1992)
    Italy; Rome, ‘Trajan’s Forum II’. Watercolour and gouache. Signed and dated, ‘10.3.61’. Titled to the original exhibition label. Exhibited: Arthur Jeffress, ‘Paintings and Watercolours of Rome by John Piper’, 1962, No. 39 (purchaser Norman Bezzant). 14×21 inches. Framed: 20×27.5 inches.
  • Romney, George (1734 – 1802)
    Milton; Paradise Lost, Satan and his Fallen Angels. Pencil. c.1792. 4.5×8.75 inches.
  • Rawlinson S.W.E., William Thomas (1912 – 1993)
    Roses. Wood-engraving. Signed and dated, 1966. 5.25×4.75 inches.
  • Salter P.R.A., Rebecca (born 1955)
    ‘Shadow 4’. Monoprint. 2009. Exhibited: Beardsmore Gallery. 9.75×7.5 inches. Framed: 15.25×12.5 inches.
  • Rushbury R.A. R.E., Sir Henry (1889 – 1968)
    France; ‘Low Tide, La Rochelle’ (JR59). Drypoint etching. 1927. Edition size unknown. Signed. Signed and dated in the plate. 9×12.75 inches.
  • Sergeant, John (1937 – 2010)
    A glass of flowers. Pencil and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1984. 9.25×11 inches.
  • Sickert R.A. N.E.A.C., Walter Richard (1860 – 1942)
    London; Camden, ‘Cruikshanks House on Coronation Day’ (B140). Etching. Only State. 1911. Signed. Signed, dated and dedicated ‘Rutland Street Miss Christine Angus / Coronation Day’ in the plate. Sickert dedicated the plate to Christine Angus on the 23rd June. They were married on 29th July. Cruikshank’s House is on the immediate left, with Sickert’s Wellington house Academy beyond. The trees in the distance are on Mornington Crescent. 6.5×4 inches.
  • Spender, Humphrey (1910 – 2005)
    Panel design for P&O Liner ‘Canberra’. Mixed media. c.1952. Signed. Exhibited: ‘Art and Liners’, Southampton City Art Gallery, 1986 12×18 inches.
  • Sutton R.A., Philip (born 1928)
    Nude with arms raised. Watercolour. Signed. 29×21.5 inches.
  • Varley O.W.S., John (1778 – 1842)
    Wales; Dolgelley, Snowdonia. Pencil and watercolour. Exhibited: Probably the Old Watercolour Society, 1812, no.178. 17×27 inches. Framed: 29×38 inches.
  • Walcot R.E., William (1874 – 1943)
    ‘Anthony in Egypt’. Etching. 1919. Signed. 21.5×18 inches. Framed: 36×31 inches.
  • Vincent (1796-c.1831), George
    ‘Richmond Vale’. Pencil. Inscribed and dated, ‘August 6th 1821’. Ex. Collection: Cornish Torbock (purchased Christies, Nov 15th 1988). 5×16.25 inches.
  • Wheeler K.C.V.O. C.B.E. P.R.A., Sir Charles (1892 – 1974)
    ‘Path to the Sun’. Oil on board. Signed and dated, 1972. Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1973, No.1002. 19.5×23.5 inches. Framed: 25×29 inches.
  • White, Franklin (1892 – 1975)
    Kent; ‘River Eden at Penshurst’. Pencil and watercolour. Signed with initials. Inscribed and dated, 1946. Studio stamp verso. 3.25×6.75 inches.
  • Wolfsfeld, Erich (1885 – 1956)
    Woman in profile. Watercolour. Signed. 25.75×19 inches.

HARRY REDMAN (1920-1994)
– WWII Drawings –

Harry Redman grew up in Broadstairs and Margate. He trained at the Thanet School of Art and Architecture from 1937-1940, and attended Walter Sickert’s afternoon Salons in Broadstairs. He signed up for the RAF at the beginning of WWII and was passed for Officer training as a pilot. However, it was discovered he had a heart condition so he opted for a place in the RAF Signals as an NCO. He served in West Africa (Sierra Leone / Freetown) for two years, then was sent to the North West Frontier where he set up Direction Finding Stations.

During 1943 Redman studied part-time at the Ruskin School of Drawing (Oxford), the Central School of Art and the Slade. He returned to full-time education at the University of Reading School of Fine Art in 1948, receiving a Ministry of Education Diploma in Design and a Ministry of Education Art Teacher’s Diploma. Redman was subsequently appointed as a lecturer at the University of Reading were he stayed until his retirement in 1985 and where he is still remembered with great admiration and fondness.

In the 1950s Redman established the print-making workshop at Reading University. In the 1960s, when Claude Rogers was Professor of Fine Art, he took a sabatical to work at Stanley Hayter’s Atelier 17 in Paris. We will be showing a group of the abstract prints he made from the 1960s-1980s later in the month.

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