We buy, as well as sell pictures most days and encourage anyone with works of art for sale to contact us.


Our stock is famously varied – we mostly deal in British pictures from the Eighteenth to late Twentieth Centuries. But it is worth considering whether what you have is really suited to us before sending images. A brief browse of this website should give you a feel for the sort of work we carry.

We strongly advise getting an idea of how much you would like for your pictures before contacting us. Prices for most artists can now be discovered easily online. An auction house valuation is also useful, and often the best place to start. In most cases we are able to better what might be acheived at auction – particularly as buyer and seller commissions continue to rise – and without the inherent ‘risk’ and protracted time there can often be between consignment, auction date and payment.

We do not offer a free valuation service. If you would like a valuation for probate or insurance please get in touch and we can quote.

Please send images before bringing works to the gallery. The simplist iphone snaps are usually more that adequate as a starting point. You can send works by email or by using the form below. If you would like to talk before sending images please call
Tom Edwards.


It would be helpful if as much of this form is completed as possible. But, if you are unsure how to fill out any parts (e.g. artist), do leave them blank. You are more than welcome to email images and details instead of using this form.

Please use the ‘description’ field to include information such as title, medium, date, provenance, or whether there is signature, inscription or label that might not be apparent in your photographs. ‘Price’ is the amount you would like to get for the work.

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