Francia, Francois Louis Thomas (1772 - 1839)
Coastal Scene with a Beached Boat and a Buoy. Graphite and white chalk. Exhibited: Andrew Wyld, 2011 (as Richard Parkes Bonington). 2.5x4.5 inches. Framed: 6.5x8.75 inches.


This drawing would have been made by Francia as source material to be worked up as a watercolour. Drawings showing the same preoccupation are in the British Museum (see for example 1877,1013.953). Marcia Pointon observes of this sheet... 'The great thing about Francia is the extraordinary discipline that produces this kind of abstraction: the perfect angle of the sail in relation to the buoy, the suggestion of a reflection, the dash of white chalk, and the precise positioning of the horizon. Not afraid to leave the left half and darken the horizon there. Not a soupcon too much or too little. Such sympathetic understanding of how graphite works on this kind of surface'. We are grateful to Marcia Pointon for her help in cataloguing this picture.

This work appears in the Exhibition: BRITISH WORKS ON PAPER 2024