ANON (Nineteenth-Century)
Italy; Leghorn [Livorno], a panorama. The view from Ardenza with Elba, Corsica and Gorgona on the horizon. Taken from the Casini all' Ardenza (completed 1844). The new coastal road had been developed in the mid-1830s and intense building of accommodation for holiday-makers followed. Pencil, pen, ink and wash. c.1845. Thank you to Professor Charles Watkins and Leonardo Porcelloni for their help in identifying the likely location that this panorama was taken from. 10.75x79.5 inches.

Murray's Handbook for Travellers, (4th ed 1853) describes just east of Leghorn 'A handsome building called "Casini all' Ardenza" and consisting of several houses, let as furnished lodgings, has been built by a company, about 2m. from Leghorn, on the seaside, under Monte Nero, where sea bathing and pure air may be had to perfection. An omnibus runs thence to Leghorn several times a-day. A tolerable restaurant is attached to the establishment. There are also other houses nearer to Leghorn, let as lodgings. Villa Palmeri adjoins the Baths San' Jacopo, and Villa Crassili just outside the gate.'

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