by J. R. Shepherd

These watercolours were painted from leaves gathered over the last few years. The date, time and location that each leaf was found form the titles of the works and a sound recording of the environment at each location was made. For the artist they comprise an intense and personal visual diary of her move from London to Spain.

A hugely successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, through which J R Shepherd has raised almost £25,000, has meant the exhibition will be accompanied by a beautifully made, illustrated book, with and an accompanying soundtrack of her recordings.

You can read more about J R Shepherd and the LEAFSCAPE project at inkyleaves.com

6-9pm Thursday 16th February 2017

The Exhibition continues through 6pm Saturday 25th February 2017

NOTE: No works will be sold before the exhibition opens at 6pm on Thursday 16th February.
Please contact us if you an not familiar with the buying procedure for the opening night.

Large Watercolours
90×120 cms

Medium Watercolours

Small Watercolours

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