LIST 455 – FEBRUARY 2016

We believe a particularly rich and varied selection to coincide with
– The Works on Paper Fair –

Gouaches from the Collection of
Henry Rogers Broughton, 2nd Lord Fairhaven (1900-1973)

At a time when people lament a dearth of ‘Early’ watercolours, we begin this List with a group of immaculate Eighteenth Century gouaches.


DR THOMAS MONRO (1759-1833)

Although Dr Thomas Monro (1759-1833), Physician to Bethlem Hospital, studied drawing with John Laporte his own style was most obviously influenced by Gainsborough. Although there is no evidence that he studied with that artist he owned a quantity of his drawings, as well the Gainsborough camera and its transparencies now in the V & A. Copying was central to an artist’s education at the time – the young Turner and Girtin were of course employed by him to copy his watercolours by Cozens – and while Monro’s drawings are not copies of Gainsborough’s the latter  inspired him as he evolved the picturesque style that was recognisably his own.

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Wednesday 10th – Sunday 14th February.
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