Daniell R.A., William (1769 - 1837)
John Wolcot (AKA Peter Pindar) (1738-1819); writer and satirist. Chalk and pencil. c.1802-1814. After a drawing by George Dance R.A. (1741-1825) made on 7th July 1793 and preparatory to a soft-ground etching published by Daniell. Daniell published soft-ground etchings after portraits by Dance from 1802. These were finally bound in two volumes and re-published as 'A Collection of Portraits sketched from the Life since the Year 1793 by George Dance Esqr. R.A. and engraved in imitation of the Original Drawings by William Daniell, A.R.A.' in 1814. 10x8 inches.

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This work appears in the Group: WILLIAM DANIELL - Portraits after GEORGE DANCE